Premier Custom Home Builder in Kalamazoo

If you are interested in having a custom home built in the greater Kalamazoo area, Magnuson Build & Design can help bring your vision to life with a strict attention to detail for the perfect dream home that you and your family will enjoy for decades to come. We complete every project with a team of the best sub-contractors in their fields, resulting in a beautiful custom home built to the highest standard of quality. We also take extra measures to ensure that the home is as airtight as possible, keeping your heating and cooling inside while also keeping your energy bills at consistent level. In today’s post, we will look at the benefits of allowing Magnuson Build & Design to oversee construction of your custom home in Kalamazoo.

Build the Perfect Home with the Floorplan that Meets Your Needs

While many contracting companies produce carbon copy homes that are indistinguishable from the next, Magnuson Build & Design will create a custom home with a unique floorplan that features everything you and your family need from your home. No matter what sort of floorplan you want, we will work closely with you to get a full understanding of your needs and make sure all of them are incorporated into your custom home. With the level of experience we and our network of subcontractors have, you can rest assured that every detail will be perfect, no matter how big or small your custom home is. Whether you need a larger kitchen and dining room for large family gatherings, a finished basement with a suite for family to use while visiting, or any other feature for your home, we will make sure you get the functionality and aesthetic style you need out of your most significant investment.

Energy Efficient Quality

Many people don’t take energy efficiency into consideration when planning a custom home construction project, but without taking extra measures during the construction of the home, you can end up losing hundreds, or even thousands, in heating and cooling dollars with air escaping your home through cracks in doors windows, or other seams throughout the home. Magnuson Build & Design will help you save money on your energy bills by using 2 x 6 lumber for all exterior walls, making it possible for a tighter seal throughout the home, keeping your heating and cooling inside. This means that your HVAC unit will not have to run as long to keep your home comfortable, resulting in lower energy bills and easier maintenance to keep the unit functioning properly.

Contact the experts at Magnuson Build & Design and let us know about the new home construction project you have in mind.

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