Get a Quality Custom Lake Home Built in Kalamazoo

Magnuson Build & Design is the premier builder of custom lake homes in Kalamazoo and the surrounding areas. We work with a superior team of the best subcontractors in the industry to ensure a high standard of quality for every component of your custom home. The result is the custom home you have always wanted built for long-term durability and energy efficiency. Whether you want a home with a traditional floorplan, or you need a home with custom features, you can count on our team to bring your vision to life with a custom home your family will enjoy for generations. Read further for more information about how Magnuson Build & Design can build you a fantastic custom home in Southwest Michigan.

Customize Your Home with the Features You Need

Having a home on the lake offers you and your family with a unique experience that you cannot get while living on a traditional plot of land, beginning with beautiful sunrises and sunsets. You can walk right out your back door and cast a lure into the water to fish. You can take a boat onto the lake for a relaxing evening ride. You can even just dip your toes into the water to cool off on a hot summer evening. Whatever draws you to the lake, you want to make sure your custom lake home is built to accommodate the lakeside lifestyle. From aesthetic decisions like having a second floor patio on the back overlooking the lake to logistical features like a boat garage to protect your watercraft during the offseason, Magnuson Build & Design will create a quality custom home that provides the style and functionality you need while living on a lake.

Custom Style with Energy Efficiency

The pros at Magnuson Build & Design are dedicated to building homes with the highest standard of quality in the industry, and part of that standard is ensuring that the home is sealed as tightly as possible to keep heating and cooling from slipping through the cracks. This is especially important with a home near the lake, as the probability of water coming into your home is increased. By framing the home with 2 x 6 lumber instead of 2 x 4s, resulting in a stronger frame that will hold stronger and seal more tightly. The result will be less stress on your HVAC system, more consistent interior climate, and lowered monthly energy bills. Contact us for more information about how you can start the process of creating a fabulous custom lake home in Kalamazoo.

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