Custom Homes Built for Energy Efficiency

With more than 20 years of experience in the industry, the professionals at Magnuson Build & Design can build a custom home in Kalamazoo with all of the features and components you need. Eric Magnuson works with a great team of subcontractors who are all experts in your field, so no matter what sort of floorplan you want, this team will bring your vision to life with a strict attention to detail resulting in the beautiful custom home you have always dreamt of. Not only will your house have the functional and aesthetic features you want, but the team at Magnuson also takes sufficient measures to ensure that the house is tightly sealed, keeping your heating and cooling bills under control. Read further for more information about how Magnuson Build & Design can help build you the perfect custom home in Kalamazoo.

Keep Your Heating and Air Conditioning Sealed in Your Home

Magnuson Build & Design works with a team of expert contractors to ensure that every aspect of your custom home is completed with a high standard of quality. The result is a superior custom home built by experts in their respective fields. All of these subcontractors have worked with us for years, so no matter what your custom home project entails, we can formulate a strategy to complete every detail and component of the home to your specifications. We also work together to seal the home as tightly as possible to eliminate the possibility of any spaces that can cause drafts in cold weather and put extra stress on your heating and cooling system due to air escaping. We frame all of our walls with 2 x 6 lumber, which not only help with sealing the home, but also adds greater stability. The final result is a quality home that is built to last without energy bills getting out of hand.

Your home is your castle and more than likely the most significant investment you will ever make. You can get the most for that investment by having Magnuson Build & Design construct a custom home in Kalamazoo. We will take the time to get a full understanding of your needs, allowing us to put together a floorplan that meets those needs and formulate a strategy for our team of experts to bring that home to life. Contact Magnuson Build & Design to discuss the custom home you want built for your family.