2022 Parade of Homes Winner

We at Magnuson Build & Design are proud to announce that we have won the coveted 2022 Parade of Homes. We take great pride in our high standard of quality for custom home construction, and we are extremely honored to be recognized for the quality of our work. It’s confirmation that people are taking notice of our dedication and hard work, and we are eager to continue that dedication for years to come. In today’s post, we will discuss the extra measures we take to ensure that every custom home we build meets those high standards.

Custom Homes With Energy Efficiency in Mind

Your home is maybe the most significant investment you will ever make in your life. It shelters your family and will act as the setting for many major events in your lives. Because of this, you want every detail to be perfect when you purchase a custom built home. When you have a custom home built by the experts at Magnuson Build & Design, you can rest assured that every detail will be handled with expert care. This is especially true with windows, doors, or any other areas through which heating and cooling can slip through the cracks. This is why we frame these areas with 2 x 6 lumber, instead of 2 x 4s, so we can create an extra tight seal. Not only will this help keep your monthly energy bills under control, but it also means that your HVAC system won’t have to work harder to accommodate the heating and cooling leaving your home. As a result, your system will need less frequent maintenance, and you won’t have to worry about expensive repair bills.

We Work With Expert Contractors

While some construction companies handle every phase of a home construction, Magnuson Build & Design works with a team of subcontractors who are all experts in their respective fields. The results are undeniable, as every phase of your home, from the plumbing and electrical to flooring, windows, and everything else gets completed with a level of quality that other contractors cannot match. Even if you request custom features like a spiral staircase, large bay windows, or even a boat garage on the back of your custom lake home, our team of subcontractors will bring your vision of a dream home to life.

If you are interested in having your dream home built by an award-winning dream team of subcontractors, contact Magnuson Build & Design and let us know about the project you have in mind.